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Pan Fried Walleye: Northern lakes Walleye fillet in a light coating of seasoned flour which is pan fried. Served with a dollop of dill butter and our blend of white and wild rice along with your choice of vegetable. $17. 

Pork Belly: House brined and braised pork belly served over a potato pancake. Finished with a pork-white wine sauce and two over easy eggs. $20

Pork Tenderloin: Hoosier favorite pork tenderloin, sliced thin and dredged in seasoned flour or grilled, sauteed and smothered in deglazed pan juices. Served with our white and wild rice and your choice of vegetable. $13.

Beef Tenderloin: Tenderloin cooked to temperature and finished with sauteed onions, mushrooms, and brown butter. Served with mashed potatoes and vegetable. $25

Chef's Choice Salmon: Ask for current preparation of our fresh, sustainably raised salmon fillet. Served with herbed rice and sauteed asparagus. $23

Dad's Crunchy Chicken: 6 ounce boneless chicken breast coated with savory bread crumbs, browned in olive oil and finished in the oven. Served with garlic mashed potatoes and your choice of vegetable. $10.

Maybe-Your-Mom's Meatloaf: Made with lean ground beef from Artesian Farms in Greenfield, Indiana, mixed with sauteed onions, oatmeal, eggs, and spices. Served with beef gravy, mashed potatoes, and your choice of vegetable. $10.

Chicken Diavolo: Grilled chicken breast presented on a bed of linguini topped with a spicy tomato sauce with crushed red peppers and roasted pine nuts. Comes with your choice of soup or salad. $18

Risotto: Traditoinal Italian rice dish cooked with seasonal vegetables and finished with shaved parmesan cheese. Choice of soup or salad, $18


(Prices and menu selections are subject to change at any time)